The Ministry of Education has closed schools in Ontario to interrupt the spread of COVID-19. YCDSB students will access remote learning through their virtual classrooms.

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June Update

June has arrived, and we are almost through another very challenging school year. I continue to be impressed by the perseverance and resilience demonstrated by our staff and students throughout. Many thanks to all for your support and cooperation. Kindly review the June newsletter, which has been downloaded into the ‘Newsletters’ tab here on the school website, for some important information.

MAY Update

During the month of May, we observe the virtue of responsibility and we strive to honour our commitments to family, school, and community. Our goals include being reliable to others can depend on us, and being accountable for that things we say and do. As always, May is the month of Mary, and we continue to honour and celebrate the Mother of Jesus as our ... Continue reading "MAY Update"

Hope Springs Eternal

April has arrived, and with it, some beautiful spring weather that we hope is here to stay. As a school community, we continue to come together and persevere as we battle the coronavirus pandemic. On that note, many thanks to the staff, students, and parents for their ongoing vigilance in following health and safety protocols. My wish for everyone is that the April (formerly March) ... Continue reading "Hope Springs Eternal"

The Lenten Season

As March rolls in, we are now into the third week of Lent. There was a time when the season of Lent revolved around making sacrifices, “giving something up” that one really enjoys to honour this most important time in the church calendar. More recently, while the perspective of sacrifice is still an important element of Lenten observations, we are also called to give alms. ... Continue reading "The Lenten Season"

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Board News

Taking Care of Our Mental Health and Well-being

“I will be reliable so people can depend on me.”  Positive mental health helps you to embrace each day with a renewed focus and the ability to deal with the challenges we face.  Remember to actively take care of your mental health and to teach your child strategies to take care of their well-being.

Ophea has put together a collection of health and ... Continue reading "Taking Care of Our Mental Health and Well-being"

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