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Growing in Faith Together
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Honesty [Image:150609_24221_0.png]I will... be sincere, trustworthy, and truthful even when it is difficult stand by what is right and just be considerate of others when I speak, write and listen Jesus, Prince of all Heavenly truths, Your Words are carved for e Read More...

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SPRING UPDATE Dear St. Angela Community, as we turn to May, the school calendar is filling up quickly with so many celebrations and school events. I will do my best to ensure the school calendar on the website is updated regularly. Please be sure to read the newsletter Read More...

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THE LENTEN SEASON Now that the Lenten season is upon, it serves as a time to reflect, to pray, and to renew ourselves. We praise God for all the wonderful works of creation and salvation, but especially for raising Jesus from the dead and declaring him Lord. Our loving God Read More...

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FEBRUARY NEWS As we now turn to Term 2 of the school year, February brings with it much excitement and reflection, all at the same time. First, we celebrate Carnaval during the first week of February, paying homage to a tradition of one final big celebration of communi Read More...

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Happy New Year, welcome back! Dear Parents/Guardians, Welcome back to a brand new year—may all of our families continue to be blessed with health, peace and prosperity in 2016! The ringing in of a new year presents a unique opportunity for us as a community, not only to reflect upo Read More...

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MERRY CHRISTMAS December is already upon us, and therefore so is the Advent Season and the celebration of Christ's birth. We want to thank the St. Angela Merici community for their continued generous spirit which continues to pour out with gifts of food, clothing, and t Read More...

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Phone: 905-856-4996
Fax: 905-856-9431
Class Hours: 8:50 am - 3:40 pm

Principal: David Pimentel
Head Secretary: Ms.L. Scoleri
Secretary: Ms. N. Bonfini
Pastor: Fr. Michael Corcione

Superintendent: Mrs. Donna Hackett
Trustee(s): Dino Giuliani

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Phone: 1-855-856-7862

Planned absences may be reported in advance.

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